They All Leave, Sadly!

Throughout the little years I lived in this weird life, I’ve just found that everyone Leaves!

I lost a lot of people , they suddenly Leave without giving any excuses..

Those who leave, because they died, 😦   I really miss them.

Those who leave, because they no longer love us,

Those who leave, because they’ve a new person more important for them than us to care about!       “This feeling really kills me

Those who leave, because the problems of their life obliged them to be busy all the time and have no time to ask bout us!

Those who leave, because they found a new comfort zone, more comfortable than ours, :\

Those who leave, because it’s our destiny to lose them,

At last, Everyone is gonna leave even me.. I just realized how much leaving hurts, and I’m really afraid of the coming moment I’ll lose anyone i love!

I know it’s the nature of life and it’s the fatalism which we’ve to believe in and I say Alhamdulillah for everything, but it really hurts .. It hurts to death!

Ya Allah Save those who are around me , and I love them . I don’t wanna lose anyone else!

P.S. :- I was totally convinced that if I lost someone I love, I’ll never be able to complete my life and may be I’ll die after him, but in fact, No one die for losing anyone whatever how much he loved him.. This is a lesson I’ve got from the life!