Where Their Heart ♥ Take Them !

He Loves her so much, but he is always shy to tell her and tries to declare his love in indirect way 😉

She notices that she has a special treatment, special smile, special interest and special words , but she always suffering as she doesn’t sure from his love !

He sometimes pretends that he doesn’t care and she is only his sister and like any girl!!!!

She knows that he just pretends , because he faith in destiny and he doesn’t sure if she’ll be his wife or not !

He is mysterious enough to hide his feelings in his heart and never declare to anyone.

She is sensitive enough to feel what he tries to hide from her 😉

He is always described as a complicated man who doesn’t know anything about love , as he has his different own way to express his feelings and Love 😉

She Loves his different way in expressing Love and also sees him the most romantic man ever 😉

He afraid of a day she’ll be with another man!

She afraid of a day he’ll be with another woman!

He understands her words 🙂

She understands his weird actions 😉

He Loves her 😉

She Loves him more 😉

                 They Always Dream Of The Day They’ll Be One Person 🙂


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