I’m Single .. I’m passionate !

Not because I’m single I don’t know anything about Love !!

I read this words and shared it then my friend asked me, So what do you know about love ?!
firstly I wanna assure you I’m not in love with any guy and I think this is a great blessing .. Alhamdulillah 🙂

Regarding what I know about LOVE ,

– Love is when I meet the one who I always dream about , such a perfect man in my view point, and before you ask me who is the perfect man in your view point I’ll tell you 😉

“A man who is pious , but not complicated. who is passionate , but not over . who will truly love me and share me everything in his life and work . who has such a strong character but not aggressive , I mean , to be a wise man !”

This is about his character , as it’s the most important thing even more important than his social class, face, size, weight..!

– Love is when I feel truly ever happiness with him !

– Love is when I cant live without him as he is all my life !

– Love is when I listen a song and every word of it is about him !

– Love is when I forgive him just if he said I Love you 😉

– Love is when his smile make my day !

– Love is when the little words from him affect on me and make me wanna fly from the much happiness !

– Love is Love .. This is what I know about Love and what I always dream bout and Insha’Allah I’ll find that person someday , I’m not hasty 🙂

PS:- Love is about creating the right relationship in order to feel real happiness 😉

SOO ==>


5 thoughts on “I’m Single .. I’m passionate !

  1. nice words gody….
    but take this “no one will believe that you are single after these wonderful words ” 😛
    I hope you will find the real person soon, the one who makes you a princess on his heart …
    I love you sweetie :-*

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