6-3-2011 Surprises & Wrong Expectations !

6 March, It was my Birthday !

It was really different this year, as it was full of many surprises & wrong expectations.

ж Regarding Surprises, I got many lovely nice wishes from alot of people I didn’t expect all this love from them .. They really proved that they truly Love me and I Love them so much and wanna thank them , as they made me happy 🙂 May Allah keep them always beside me ♥

ж On the other side, there were many wrong expectations, as there were some people I expected more Love , caring, more & more, but they let me down !

I didn’t understand their actions well , but I also Love them soo much and will never change anything in my mind about them whatever what happened 🙂

♥ Both made me so happy and I Love all of them so much 🙂

♥ Thanks alot for everyone was interested about me and made something nice to make me happy (F)


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