That’s not who I’m..!

Should I go?
Should I leave?
I feel that I have been deceived

You’re like venom going through my blood steam
You’re killing me yet I’m alive
And through this all I will survive

U killed my heart, u killed my soul
Or so I thought but the truth is u showed me I’m right
U proved to me that my thoughts were true

No-one in this world deserves to be cared for
No-one deserves to be loved
Cuz no-one out there really has a heart

So I shouldn’t be bothered about people around
I shouldn’t care if someone needs me there
I shouldn’t stop & look u in the eye to know it you’re fine

I should be carless and not give a damn
But the problem is that’s not who I am

So I have no choice but to stay like I am
Give care and love and do give a damn

Quoting Friend..


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